About Us

Our vision

We started this project back in April 2015, after much deliberation. Two and a half years of building and renovating and restoring started. What we wanted to achieve? To save a beautiful historic building in Digby and create a place where both locals and visitors can come relax for a while. Good food, good coffee, good beers, some live local music: a place to spend some time with friends.

About the owners

Saskia came to Canada in 2004 from the Netherlands planning to backpack around Canada for a year. Little did she know who she was about to meet when she decided to take a tour with Moose Travel through Ontario and Quebec…. Claude, who is originally from Montreal, had just started his job as driver / tour guide for Moose Travel in Toronto and was looking forward to a summer filled with fun and meeting people. Little did he know who he was about to meet…. Just 18 months after they met, the tour guide and the backpacker got married…. (Yes, she married the tour guide!). In 2007 the move to Digby was made and we have made our home in this great community.

Come join us at the pub for a drink or a meal, or both!